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I am Marlene Solomon, I was born and raised in Sumter County in Webster, Florida. In my early years I moved to South Florida and resided in Broward County for the last 40 years. From an early age I have always dreamed of owning my own business and with some hard work and determination I have made my dreams a reality. I have been self- employed for the last 38 years, owning 3 successful businesses.

I have always had a passion for people, so, throughout my 38-year career, I have worked with clients from all ethnicity, religions, personalities, and from different career backgrounds. I have always made it my mission to make them feel welcome, a gift I believes I received from God, because I love showing people love. Through my many years of being self-employed I was able to help many in following their passion in the cosmetology, interior design, and music arenas. Whether it was training someone to do great customer service, or technics to bring the best results or to see the artist stand on stage to do their first show. I have always loved to see a smile on my client’s face. I believe, that is what encouraged me to pursue my passion in the music industry. I grew up around music, I believe its food for the soul. I have worked with artists, producers, musicians, and my mentor worked with Motown Records and other record labels. I will tell anyone I am not a singer, but I do know great music and I am a great businesswoman. That’s why my mentor encourage me to pursue my passion in the music industry; and out of my passion, I became the owner of SUBSTANCE RECORDS LLC, so I can continue to help artists pursue their dreams and make them a reality.



About Lyndon Ewing aka Cray. I was born in Turks and Caicos. I have always had a passion for music, he has been singing since the age of five. He has played in bands most of his life. He was fortunate to have traveled the world doing what he loves, playing and singing. He has worked in many aspect of the music industry, as a song writer, producer, and bassist. He has recorded many CDs; open for major artist such as Billie Ocean, Ludacris, Stylistics, and many more major artists. He always has worked in New York in law enforcement, another passion of his protecting and helping people. I was fortunate enough to be able to retire from law enforcement and move to sunny South Florida to work on my original passion Music.

As i started back recording 4 months ago and came across some of the songs i wrote.I came across one particular song i wrote eight years ago, titled “Double Standard”, a song i feel is so needed in these difficult times, i know we are all in this together and with love and determination LOVE will conquer all, Also coming soon my newest project TRY. Cray is back to share my love for this passion, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.



At substance records we take a keen approach to whom we sign and the music we put out if its not of substance its not substance record. With an idea to infect the world with a unique distinguished sound the founders wanted to make sure each individual artist that emerge from substance records had one goal in mind and that is to base there music on there individual background. We produce and create from scratch all the sounds you here very limited sampling.

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